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Retina Services

Aastha Eye Centre, offers dedicated medical Retina Services to provide comprehensive management of medical retina & vitreous. The latest and the world’s best cutting edge Medical & Diagnostic Equipments for diagnosing  Retinal pathologies are available with the centre.

Treatment for other retinal disorders like Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSCR), Floaters and Flashes, Central Retinal Artery obstruction (CRAO) is being done by the experienced ophthalmologists.

Uvea Services

Uveitis or Ocular Inflammation is a condition in which the middle layer of the eye gets inflamed. Uveitis can also lead to inflammation in the adjacent areas, like the retina and vitreous. The basic cause for Uveitis is not identified in most cases and may be due to some underlying systemic diseases.

Aastha Eye Centre offers complete management of Uveitis disorders. The management of uveitis often takes a long time to treat.

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