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Information on Glaucoma 

Glaucoma (kala motia) is the most common cause of irreversible blindness, asymptomatic until advanced stages

It is a chronic progressive optic neuropathy characterized by raised intra ocular pressure (IOP), optic nerve head (ONH) changes & visual field defects. But many patients have an IOP within normal range and a substantial proportion with normal IOP develop glaucomatous optic neuropathy. Besides raised IOP, other strongly associated factors include greater cup to disc ratio in ONH, thinner central cornea, shallow anterior chamber, increasing age, family history of glaucoma and diabetes.

Issues in the management of Glaucoma are diagnosing the case at the earliest, even before any substantial structural damage has occurred. As IOP is the only recognizable and controllable cause hence assessing target IOP and controlling it to prevent any subsequent structural/ functional damage is the main stay of therapy. Newer imaging techniques help us provide information that is reproducible and free of inter-observer variability.

At our institute a comprehensive eye check up helps us catch the disease in unsuspecting cases even before the person is aware of symptoms like frequent change of glasses, poor dark adaptation, headache mistaken to be migraine etc.


In case of any of the symptoms given below, you are advised to contact the Glaucoma Specialist at Aastha Eye Centre at the earliest.

  1. Sudden decrease of vision

  2. Extreme eye pain

  3. Headache, Nausea and vomiting

  4. Glare and light sensitivity

Persons having the following risk factors should also have a regular checkup for Glaucoma:

  1. Family history of Glaucoma

  2. Those 40 years and above of age

  3. Those having Diabetes

  4. Patients on long term Steroids

  5. Any physical injury to the Eye

Glaucoma is of two types:

  1. Open angle glaucoma

  2. Closed angle glaucoma

Most of the patients can be managed by medications only. Uncontrolled cases may have to undergo Laser or Surgical treatment

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