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Director's message


Aastha Eye Centre is based on the philosophy ‘Treating all patients with respect and dignity’.
In line with its philosophy, Aastha Eye Centre is created as a centre of excellence where services are provided with a humane compassionate touch.

The centre is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment to provide world class eye care. It has highly qualified and experienced doctors, trained and experienced staff and above all, offers services with personalized care. The infrastructure has been created with special emphasis on patient safety and prevention of infection. The operating units are planned in conformity with the latest guidelines for infection free surgery and equipped with all requirements for patient safety and management of complications, if any. All necessary diagnostic modalities are available.

The centre has a track record of 28 years. It has seen over 2.5 lakh patients and performed over 25 thousand surgeries. The centre has a long list of satisfied patients and an enviable reputation both amongst the general public and the professionals.

I take this opportunity to invite you to this centre of excellence, and to the best available facilities in eye care at par with the best, in the world. The ambience and the courtesy will make you feel at home. You can depend on us to provide you the highest level of professional services with a humane touch. I would always welcome your suggestions for further improvement, as there is always a scope of moving to the next higher level.

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